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5 Important Questions To Ask During Pre-Treatment Consultations Before Choosing An Aesthetic Clinic

24 Jul 2022 | Aesthetic Clinic

When going in for your professional skin consultation, it’s always best to be prepared. This includes sharing your top skincare concerns as well as upcoming concerns you might have regarding the treatment you’re about to get. Asking good, well-thought-out questions will help provide better responses and ensure your concerns are appropriately addressed.

So, here are my recommendations of essential questions to ask your doctor at your chosen aesthetic clinic during your pre-treatment skin consultation.

A woman, being helped by two employee at Dr Abby Clinic.

Going to an aesthetician clinic can be nerve-wrecking to some so here a list of questions you should ask during consultation.

“I have a treatment in mind, but which is best suited to my skin?”

You may go into your consultation with an “already deciding” idea of the treatments you would like to undergo. After assessing your skin, you may find the aesthetician may recommend something different. Some treatments may be deemed unnecessary or ill-suited to your skin type, so try not to have your heart set on a specific course of action. For example, you may want to just opt for a Medical Spa Facial, but the doctor finds Laser treatments work better and faster.

“Do you have any before and after photos?”

One aim of going through treatment is to solve your problems. So, during pre-treatment consultation, asking this can help gain trust in the treatment as well as the aesthetician. Though the aesthetic clinic may already have certification and has won multiple awards and recognitions, seeing real before and after testimonies of previous patients provides an additional layer of confidence. These pictures also offer a realistic view of the results you may achieve.

“How fast can I see results? Are follow-ups needed?”

Depending on the severity of your skin condition and the treatment you are getting, I can say that it’s often patients may need multiple sessions to achieve the best results. You should discuss this with your consultant before going ahead with your treatment as a higher number of sessions will likely cost more and result in longer or more frequent periods of downtime.

“What is downtime? And how long do you need”

Downtime is basically the recovery period you need before starting any social activities. Some treatments require you to lay off any sun exposure within the next 72 hours, or no cleansers and exfoliants in the next 3 days, or even avoid certain active ingredients in skincare. This question is essential in determining how long you may need to book off work or whether you need to rearrange your social diary. The amount of downtime associated with your procedure is estimated based on previous client experience. You should account for particularly sensitive skin by lengthening the suggested recovery time.

“What skin care should I use after treatment at your aesthetic clinic?”

Just as with pre-treatment skincare, following an aftercare plan may boost your results or make them last longer. The plan will be explained in detail during your consultation to ensure you have a good understanding of your aftercare requirements.

Dr Abby, explaining treatment and products to a patient.

Don’t be intimidated, your aesthetician is here to help with any skin concerns you may have. During consultation, it’s the best time to ask all the necessary questions.

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