Treat sagging skin over face, cheeks, eye brows, neck and treat wrinkles without going under the knife.


Treat sagging skin over face, cheeks, eye brows, neck and treat wrinkles without going under the knife.

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Aging is inevitable. Through age, though the skin on our face can receive love and care through skincare, some parts of our body can sometimes remain neglected.

The breast, buttocks, knees, arms, and elbows can form growing folds, which in time can cause wrinkles, sagging skin, and stretch marks. Usually, by the time we see them, it is almost too late to have cared with skincare.

Too scared of the consequences of going through a facelift surgery?

When we talk about facelift or skin lift, people always say going under the knife is a must! But, truth is, there is a lesser invasive way of addressing this skin concern.

Skincare is to maintain, treatments are to cure.

We get it, many of you already tried your best to find the best anti-aging products out there from pharmacies and drugstores. But, do you know that skincare is meant to maintain, not to cure?

If the canvas (aka your skin) is not treated properly, would the painting be as smooth and beautiful? That is why Dr. Abby Clinic only delivers the best face thread lifting treatments for jawline lift, cheek lift, brow lift, body contouring, and many more.


Discover our minimally invasive threads and methods for face lifting.

Aptos Face Threads Lift Procedures

Redefine, restore volume and significantly reduce the effects of aging by lifting the skin using absorbable threads. Results are evident and can last up to 2 years or more, depending on the skin condition and thread composition.

Effective for:

Collagen production
Sagging skin
Wrinkles & lines reduction

Ultherapy HIFU (MFU)

Ultherapy works by repairing and strengthening tissue from the inside out, a process that takes place gradually over time with the creation of new collagen. While individual responses will vary, the following experiences have been reported by patients.

1 Week after treatment

  • Slight lifting , toning, and plumping of fine lines
  • Minor tingling slight tingling/ tendernss to touch
  • Possibility of minor bruising or numbness

3 months after treatment

  • Continued lifting and toning,
  • Tighter feel with smoother texture,
  • Slight tingling / tenderness to the touch or numbness

3-6 months after treatment

  • Additional lifiting and toning, brow elevation,
  • Less sagging, noticeable smooth texture improved contour.
  • Continued improvement in the appearance of lines and wrinkles (decollete)

Results appear gradual over to 2 to 3 months through stimulation of natural collagenesis and improvements can continue to appear up to 6 months after treatment.

Effective for:

Non surgical face and neck lifting
Eye brow lift
Mid face
Jawline definition
Sub mentum (double chin reduction)
Neck lines

Decolletage rejuvenation

Off label indications: Arms, Tummy , Knees

Dermal Fillers

Plump up the skin and your concerned areas with dermal filler injections and fillers to restore the facial fullness and the look you desire.

Effective for:

Facial rejuvenation and volumisation

Improvement of facial folds: laughlines (nasolabial lines) , sadlines (marionette lines)
Better cheek bones definition
Sunken temples
Eyes: improvement of dark circles and tear troughs
Face enhancement and augmentation
Lips, nose, chin, cheeks


Treatments are performed by Accredited Physician

Using FDA and CE approved treatments

Transparent price and rate with no hidden or additional cost

Minimal downtime with focus on customer satisfaction


Are you willing to risk your confidence from shining? Do you want to always live with your insecurities and remain introverted because of it? Fight off your fear and give your skin the self-love it needs!
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