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Skin tags and moles are common skin growth that occurs on the skin. While harmless, many opt to remove it with the use of home remedies or picking. However, this method causes more harm and infections. There are safer and more effective ways to address this issue.

What is Skin Tags & Mole Removal Treatment & How Does It Work?

Both skin tags and moles are common, benign growths that are usually harmless but can be removed for cosmetic reasons or if they cause discomfort. Skin tags and mole removal treatments help to safely remove these imperfections without causing discomfort or scarring.

At Dr. Abby Clinic, before undergoing any skin tag or mole removal treatment, our doctor will determine the most appropriate approach based on your specific situation.

Discover Our Skin Tags & Mole Removal Solutions

Surgical Excision

A minor dermato-surgical procedure that uses a punch biopsy to cut out the mole and stitch the skin closed. Numbing injection will be applied prior to the procedure, for the best patient comfort.

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Often done on smaller moles or keratotic mole, via this method, the lesion is shaved of using a small tip that delivers radiofrequency energy meant to destroy the lesion. A topical numbing cream or tiny injection of a numbing solution will be applied prior. Stitches are not usually needed as it is a minor procedure.

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