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Removing mole through painless electrical spark, removing the need for surgery

Fast, affordable, and non-surgical method of mole removal.

Fast, affordable, and non-surgical method of mole removal?

Electricity is used in electrocautery, a non-surgical treatment, to heat bodily tissue. This painless procedure involves passing a direct or alternating, minute electrical current via an electrode made of a tough metal wire to living tissue to help remove unwanted skin growth.

Electrocautery is a quick, inexpensive, non-surgical alternative to get rid of moles. The treatment usually only takes a few minutes, leaves no scars, and doesn’t need anesthesia or recuperation time. It is safe on all skin types and removes the concern of surgical downtime.

Fast, instant result, and no downtime

The best method for eliminating moles and skin tags recommended by Dr. Abby Clinic is Electrocautery. Moles and skin tags can be promptly removed using electrocautery, allowing you to return to work or school without worrying about how they will look. The treatment is painless, safe, and reliable.

More than just skin tag & mole removal

In addition to the removal of moles, electrocautery is effective in treating various disorders. This technique is occasionally applied to remove tumors and other aberrant tissue growth. If you frequently experience nosebleeds, a blood vessel in your nose that is exposed is probably to blame. Warts on various parts of the body, including the genitalia, are commonly treated using this method.

Skin Concerns Treated

Seborrheic keratoses ( a type o non-cancerous skin growth)

Acrochordons (skin tags)

Verrucae (a contagious and often painful wart)

Small angiomas (a type of abnormal growth formed by blood vessels)

Benefits of Electrocautery

Minimal scarring

Can be completed in a single sitting

Can be completed in a single sitting

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