Be more confident! Get a more toned & slimmer body silhouette.

Helping you get your dreamy silhouette by body recontouring, reshaping, and improving the appearance of sagging skin & cellulite.

Be more confident! Get a more toned & slimmer body silhouette.

Helping you get your dreamy silhouette by body recontouring, reshaping, and improving the appearance of sagging skin & cellulite.

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Feeling not confident with your own body?

Wrinkles and aging are normal. As we get older, our body produces lesser and lesser collagen. Especially out of pregnancy and weight gain. Hence, the tight and firm skin we used to have back in the days will eventually fade as we mature, whether we like it or not. That is nature.

However, what is not normal is you feeling guilty and self-conscious over your own beauty. You might doubt yourself. Feeling burdened by signs of aging appearing on specific parts of your body. Yet, with proper help and treatments, you will be surprised at how many unique charms and appeals you are blessed with.

Not sure which body slimming treatments suit best to solve your problems?

Slimming treatments vary. For each aesthetic issue, there are specific treatments recommended to tackle the complication from its very core. Whether you want a tummy slimmer, body sculpting, or inner thigh lift, each uses different sets of technology, devices, and aesthetic aids. You need to choose wisely.

Not all of us are aware of aesthetic knowledge. Many just blindly follow what is suggested, hoping those treatments can help solve the problems. But, with poor skin analyses and treatment recommendations, you might just waste your money on unnecessary therapies.

Skincare is to maintain; treatments are to cure.

We get it, many of you already tried your best to find the best body contouring and cellulite treatment out there from pharmacies or drugstores. But, do you know that topical creams and skincare is meant to maintain, not to cure?

If the canvas (aka your skin) is not treated properly, would the painting be as smooth and beautiful? That is why Dr. Abby Clinic only delivers the best body sculpting treatments and cellulite treatment using the USFDA approved Venus Legacy Radiofrequency Machine.


With Venus Legacy Radiofrequency Machine

Venus Legacy™ Body Treatments

Giving you an advanced solution for your most challenging aesthetic needs!

A medical aesthetic device that uses Multi-Polar Radio Frequency & Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields to produce heat under the skin’s surface. Helps to naturally increase collagen and elastin fibers, while also shrinking the volume of fat cells. USFDA approved

The Venus Legacy™ is a highly advanced non-invasive medical device that effectively resolves facial and body aesthetic needs. Treatments are comfortable with no downtime and safe for all skin types.

What can Venus Legacy™ do?

Body slimming

Body contouring

Cellulite reduction

Skin tightening

Mesolipo Fat Removal / Cellulite Reduction Injections

Fat melting injection that produces greater outcomes with much lesser risk. Works by dissolving and breaking the fat deposits under the skin to eliminate fats naturally. A much safer option without surgery.

Effective for:

Abdomen redefining
Arms & thighs firming
Double chin
Back fats & buttocks


Treatments are performed by Accredited Physician

Using FDA and CE approved treatments

Transparent price and rate with no hidden or additional cost

Minimal downtime with focus on customer satisfaction


In desperate need of help to gain back your lost confidence? Want to get in shapes like how you used to be before pregnancy and weight gain? We will help you give the self-love care you deserve!
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