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Meso Lipolysis Fat Removal Injections

invented by Dr. Sang J. Kim, a cosmetic surgeon based in South Korea. Meso Lipolysis is an alternative to traditional liposuction, aiming to provide patients with a less invasive option for removing excess fat deposits.

What Is Meso Lipolysis Fat Removal Injections & How Does It Work?

Mesolipolysis is a quick treatment used to get rid of small, persistent pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. It involves a series of tiny injections of fat-melting solutions into the subcutaneous tissue (fat cell layer). Compared to liposuction, it is significantly less intrusive and uncomfortable.

It is a non-surgical therapeutic method that aims to break down and eliminate fat cells to thin the targeted areas. It seeks to eliminate regional fat accumulation, decrease cellulite and localized fat, reduce baby fat, and firm skin, and sculpt the facial outline for a thinner look.

Skin Concerns Treated

Stubborn fat reduction

Slimming treatment

Cellulite reduction

Chubby cheeks & facial folds reduction

Advantages of Meso Lipolysis Fat Removal Injections

  • Non-evasive treatment
  • Healthier alternative to traditional liposuction
  • Cost-effective
  • Little to zero downtime

“Surgery-less” painless body contouring treatment

Depending on the problem you are having treated, the injections can be administered from 1 to 4 millimeters into your skin after a numbing lotion has been used. When injecting you, your doctor might flip their wrist swiftly or insert the needle at an angle. Only a very small amount of the solution may be injected into your skin with each shot.

To achieve the desired result, you’ll probably require multiple mesotherapy sessions. The frequency of the treatments may be increased to once every two weeks or once a month if your skin begins to look better.

The before & after results you will love

The effects of this treatment take time to manifest since they function slowly and methodically. It takes a few weeks for improvements to fully manifest, so it’s all the more amazing when you start to see the fat start to disappear.

The best part, then? The results are long-lasting because the extra fat is eliminated after it has been digested by your lymphatic system (provided you don’t gain weight).

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