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Melanin production in the body causes the skin to produce excess pigmentation, giving it an unsightly appearance. While generally unharmful, the condition can negatively impact one’s self-esteem. As one of the most common skin concerns, there are various treatments to effectively address it.

What is Pigmentation Treatment & How Can It Help You?

Pigmentation treatment is a procedure aimed at managing and improving skin pigmentation concerns. These treatments are designed to address conditions such as Hyperpigmentation, Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH), Acanthosis Nigricans, Lentigines, and more. Post-treatment, visible differences can be seen and pigmentation is less prominent, achieving an even and glowing appearance.

At Dr. Abby Clinic, we provide a personalized and comprehensive pigmentation treatment according to your condition, skin type, and individual preferences.

Before & After Pigmentation Treatment At Dr Abby Clinic

Our clients have reported clear, radiant skin after undergoing pigmentation treatment at Dr Abby Clinic. Take a look at some of the before-after photos.

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Picocare 450 Laser (New!)

Most exceptional laser pigmentation removal that penetrates beyond the skin’s surface to raise indented acne scars and burst dark pigments. Low downtime and fast recovery.

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