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Tackle Those Stubborn Spots! – These Are The Top 3 Effective Pigmentation Treatments For Your Skin

21 Feb, 2023 | Pigmentation Treatment | 0 comments

Freckles and those brown spots all over your body are nothing new. In fact, there are multiple reasons why they may appear.

In the beauty world, they are more commonly known as hyperpigmentation. If you’re a veteran in all things skincare, this issue is definitely talked about way too often.

What is it, really?

Although the word ‘hyperpigmentation’ can be alarming to be, it’s actually a common condition.

It makes some areas of the skin darker than your skin. The spots that appear are usually brown, black, grey, red or pink.

The culprits?

  • Sun spots can happen to just about anyone. Here are the causes:
  • Sun damage
  • Melasma
  • Genetics
  • Skin trauma (acne, cuts or burns, known as post inflammatory hyperpigmentation)
  • Medical conditions

Now that you’re aware of the causes, you must be busy with extensive research and trying home remedies to treat those spots.

However, pigmentations on the skin are very stubborn and can’t be treated overnight with ‘natural ingredients’ (we’re talking about you, lemon juice!).

The truth is, getting treatments from professionals can greatly improve the appearances of your spots. It’s much more safe and effective than trying out DIY recipes that claim to do plenty but only ending up wasting your time, money and compromising your skin.

If you’re looking to treat those spots, here are the top 3 professional pigmentation treatments you might want to look into:


This procedure is very common and is usually professionally done. Though in recent years, stores began selling at-home kits that many can perform for themselves.

The procedure is simple, the specialist sprays or rubs fine crystal to your skin using a wand to gently exfoliate the surface, shedding the top layer. It’s not painful at all and usually takes 20 to 40 minutes to complete.

A person may notice their skin looking younger, even, and visibly reduced spots after 5 to 14 treatments but side effects would include, redness, swelling, dry and flaking skin for a couple of days.

Chemical Peels

An intensive treatment to help reduce spots and exfoliate the skin, specialists use alpha hydroxy acid (glycolic acid) or beta hydroxy acid (salicylic acid) peels.

Nowadays, those two ingredients are commonly found in many skincare products in the market. Though for chemical peels, a higher percentage is used.

Between 4 to 6 peels, you would notice your skin is brighter, smooth and even acne is remarkably reduced! Though this treatment can leave your skin extremely sensitised and we highly suggest avoiding sun exposure as your skin is more suspect to burning.

Laser treatment

Laser treatments can make sceptics raise their eyebrows, but there’s no denying how effective and safe it is to treat those spots.

Aside from targeting those stubborn spots, they target the fine lines and texture on your skin as well as improve your complexion.

At Abby Clinic, we use one of the most advanced devices; Picocare 450 Laser to treat those pigmentation issues on your skin.

The PICOCARE has the ability to break down multi-colored tattoos and pigments into tiny pigments into tiny particles by using higher peak power and shorter pulse durations.

Unlike other treatments, it can treat hard-to-reach areas like T-zone and nose area much more effectively.

Plus! You won’t suffer from long side effects, the recovery is much faster and within a few treatments you can notice how your skin looks radiant and the pigmentations are no longer noticeable.

Which is for me?

From this point, any of these three would work fine! They’re safe and recommended by many experts as well.

But if you’re overwhelmed and require professional advice, Dr. Abby Clinic can give the exact solution. Book a consultation now and let’s learn how to treat those spots.

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