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3 Reasons Why Many Are Afraid of Laser Hair Removal – Plus Why You Shouldn’t Be

16 Apr, 2023 | Laser Hair Removal | 0 comments

Laser hair removal is nothing new in the industry. According to Allure, it became popularised in the 1990’s and since then, women of all ages would race to the nearby aesthetician clinic to try this method.

Despite gaining approval by the FDA and proven to be effective, many women (and men!) are still sceptical about any form of laser hair removal. In fact, some would prefer to go with the traditional method that is more often temporary and disappointing.

Why are many afraid of laser hair removal?

Well, this fear could be for numerous reasons but we’ll share three of the most common misconceptions many have towards the treatment.

It Sounds Painful

The main fear for many is that this method can seriously wound them or stings badly during and after treatment.

However, this is very much proven to be a myth. Unless you are VERY sensitive, the procedure feels similar to the snap of a rubber band.

Yes, it may feel uncomfortable for first timers but it quickly subsides. It won’t cause any wounds or cuts to your skin like other hair removal methods do.

The Aftermath

Many have fallen victim to false ‘horror stories’ post laser hair removal. That’s why before the treatment, your certified aesthetician would hold a consultation session to assess whether your skin is suitable or not to proceed.

They would also provide advice post treatment to ensure you won’t face any issue.

It’s Expensive… Isn’t It?

Believe it or not, getting a laser hair removal treatment is much more affordable (AND effective!) than shaving or waxing by yourself or at the salon.

Not to mention, razors also contribute to plastic waste and buying the blade replacement can contribute to many more waste on the planet.

Meanwhile, the effect from waxing only lasts about 2 weeks at most and then you’re due for another session.

With laser hair removal treatment at our clinic, you’ll be enjoying a permanent result after a few sessions and can finally say goodbye to regular shaving and waxing!

Is Laser Hair Removal Bad For Me?

Obviously, the downside of the treatment is nothing but a myth. We assure you that the treatment will be painless, quick and comfortable to your skin.

If you wish to learn more about our laser hair removal treatment OR want to book a session right away, contact us now!

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