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Permanent Laser Hair Removal Explained! – By Dr. Abby Clinic Publika

9 Jan, 2022 | Laser Hair Removal | 0 comments

Tired of shaving and waxing? Here’s how permanent hair removal is much better (for your wallet too!)

Unwanted body hair, as its name suggests, is unwanted. It could be undesirable due to many reasons. Perhaps self-image, inconvenience, and maybe even aesthetic intentions. But, whatever your motive is, when something is unwanted, you are more than welcome to get rid of it, as long as they are safe!

Talking about safety, a dilemma many of my patients had before going through the procedure was unsure whether the process was safe and pain-free. Since I have been offering this service since 2013, you can rest assured that the whole treatment is going to be much more effortless than you thought.

Can Men Get This Treatment?

Of course! Hair grows on both sexes, hence making it perfectly reasonable for you to get your unwanted body or facial hair removed. I have performed thousands of hair removal procedures, and I can say this treatment is equally popular among both genders.

Whether you are a girl with mustache issues or a gentleman who wants silky smooth arms and legs, everyone is welcomed! No judgments.

Can I Get Permanent Laser Hair Removal On My Face?

Absolutely! In fact, I can even do a full face laser hair removal for you, as long as it is what you wanted. Laser hair removal treatment is also well-favored for removing unwanted body hair. Legs, arms, underarms, and even delicate areas (private parts) can undergo this treatment. The laser won’t cut your body in half, and you’d feel almost none to little discomfort when going through it.

Waxing Is Temporary, Laser Is Permanent

If you are seeking a long-lasting and long-term solution to your body insecurities, permanent laser hair removal should be your number one investment.

Waxing, hair removal, and shaving simply cut off the hair strands on the surface, leaving its follicle healthy and intact underneath the skin. Hence, no matter how much you shave or wax, your body will always grow these hairs back. Unlike laser treatments, it weakens the hair follicles, making them unable to grow hair and eventually “die”. With continuous treatment, your skin will appear much smoother and silkier as there are no hair follicle bumps on the skin.

Our Main Character; Gentle YAG Laser

The Gentle YAG Laser is an innovative long-pulse high-energy gentle beam that targets the pigments that provide color for the hair. It is the Gold Standard laser wavelength for the most effective hair removal treatment. The heat generated from the laser will produce pulses that damage the follicles, without affecting the surrounding skin. Thanks to this cutting-edge technology, hair growth will be reduced or stopped entirely.

The Gentle YAG Laser is my personal favorite (as well as my patients) because they give very minimal discomfort. I usually describe it as a small pinch that is totally bearable. Plus, it has no downtime, doesn’t damage the skin, is highly effective, and produces fantastic results even in just one session.

How Effective Is Gentle YAG Laser?

Depending on areas of the face or body, sex (female or male), and density of the hair, permanent results can be achieved with at least 4-6 sessions for regular density hair or 6-8 sessions for high-density hair. Some areas such as private parts and very coarse male hair would need up to 10 sessions or more to have a 100% satisfactory result.

Patients LOVE With The Payoff! And I Love It Too!

Most of our patients actually seek this treatment to achieve their aesthetic desires. Though there are many more options out there, they keep coming back for this as they are cost-effective, considering the results and pain level.

It is widely known and popular! So, you shouldn’t worry about it too much if you’re planning on getting one!

Interested in getting an initial quote on this treatment? Contact us today! We’ll be more than happy to help you gain your confidence!

See you!
Dr. Abby

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