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Unlock the Secrets of Eternal Youth: The Ultherapy Facelifting Treatment Everyone’s Talking About!

31 Jul 2023 | Anti-Aging, Face Lifting

Aging is an inevitable process. To slow down the process, many maintain their skin and overall well-being with good sleep, healthy habits, diets, and exercise.

While maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help you to age gracefully, fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin are inevitable and can cause even the most confident person some form of insecurities.

But don’t despair! There is a better and stress-free way to help you reverse the signs of aging. If you’re looking to return your youth in the most natural, fastest, and non-invasive way possible; introducing our Ultherapy MFU to target the sagging and wrinkles on your skin!

A diagram of how Ultherapy targets the skin from deep within

Ultherapy is a non-invasive micro-focused ultrasound treatment that helps to stimulate collagen production and elastin within the deepest layer of the skin.

A Non-Surgical, Non-invasive Face Lift For Your Skin; The Treatment Everyone’s Talking About!

The most common misconception about face-lifting treatment is that; one must go under a knife in order to get the most result. The procedure can be tedious and recovery post-surgery takes time.

But Ultherapy eliminates all of those pesky issues and you can enjoy firmer, lifted, and youthful skin within just a few sessions.

At our clinic, we offer Ultherapy, a wonderful non-surgical and non-invasive treatment that harnesses the power of ultrasound energy to naturally lift and tighten your skin without any downtime or surgery. Currently, it’s the only FDA-cleared procedure proven to lift the skin on the neck, under the chin, eyebrows, and even reduce lines and wrinkles on the décolletage and chest.

A comparison of before and after results of using Ultherapy MFU from Dr Abby Clinic

Within 2 to 3 months, you can see results and get tighter and firmer skin in the targetted area.

How Ultherapy Can Give Me The Best Face Lift Result?

During the Ultherapy session, we use precise micro-focused ultrasound with visualization (MFU-V) energy to target the deep layers of your skin without affecting the surface. This stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin, leading to a natural lifting effect.

The best part is that there’s no need for needles or scalpels, unlike a surgical face-lift! Ultherapy helps you target the following concern:

  • Skin laxity and sagging
  • Lowered brows
  • Sagging under the chin and jawline
  • Loose skin on the neck
  • Lines & wrinkles on the decolletage
  • Any skin pigmentation type
Dr. Abby showing the Ultherapy treatment machine

If you are looking to learn more about Ultherapy treatment, then our professionals are here to provide all the necessary information.

Get Natural Results Without Going Under The Knife

Ultherapy is a non-toxic and needle-free treatment that stands out from lasers, radiofrequency, and surgery. This non-surgical approach uses ultrasound energy to target specific depths beneath the skin, triggering a natural regenerative process that stimulates fresh collagen production.

The beauty of Ultherapy is that while some patients may notice initial improvements right after the treatment, the full, natural results develop over 2-3 months. This gradual process lifts and tightens the skin on the neck, chin, and brow, as well as smoothens the skin on the chest.

If you’re looking for a proven and safe non-invasive treatment to diminish the signs of aging and return the youth then Ultherapy can be the perfect solution for you.

Our clinic is an award-winning and fully MOH-registered clinic led by LCP Certified Doctors with the best aesthetic devices and treatments in the market. We can provide you with the results you would like to get!

Ready to look 20 years younger? Book a consultation with us today and we’ll see you soon.

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