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5 BEST Ingredients In Skin Care For Firm Skin, According To Dr. Abby

20 Jun 2022 | Anti-Aging

What ingredients are best at reversing signs of aging? How to reduce the appearance of fine lines?

People nowadays buy nonprescription wrinkle creams and lotions, hoping that these products can reduce wrinkles and reverse damage caused by the sun. But do they actually work? Well, it depends! That often depends on the products’ ingredients and how long you use them. Because these over-the-counter (OTC) wrinkle creams aren’t classified as drugs, so they do not undergo scientific research to prove their effectiveness.

But, if you’re looking for skincare products that can almost give the best anti-wrinkle effects, here’s my top list!

A few tube of retinol cream.

Retinoids is a powerful ingredients, commonly found in anti aging products to increase cell turn over.


Retinol, retinoic acid, and retinoids are vitamin A compounds. These ingredients have long been used topically to help repair sun-damaged skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It single-handedly can be known as the best anti-aging ingredient! This powerful ingredient basically encourages the skin to renew itself by speeding up the cell turnover rate.

Because of that, retinol can help reduce not only fine lines and sun damage but also adult acne and blemishes. Of course, being so strong, retinol does come with side effects such as skin irritations. That is why it is very important not to overuse it and to slowly introduce it to your skincare routine.

A bottle of vitamin C.

Vitamin C is not only brightening but it’s full of antioxidants, perfect as the first prevention to skin aging.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid).

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that protects the skin from free radicals—unstable oxygen molecules that break down skin cells and cause wrinkles. Vitamin C may help protect skin from sun damage and reduce fine lines and wrinkles, maintaining the skin healthy and youthful.

Vitamin C can also help inhibit melanin production, build collagen and prevent sagging and wrinkles. However, do take note that this ingredient is light sensitive. So, wrinkle creams containing vitamin C must be stored away from air and direct sunlight.

A top dropper that dispenses liquid.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) gently exfoliate the top layer of your skin.

Hydroxy acids.

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) include glycolic, citric, and lactic acid. They are used to remove dead skin cells (exfoliate). Using an AHA product regularly prepares your skin to better absorb other products and stimulates the growth of smooth, evenly pigmented new skin.

There are several different types of AHAs, all with similar effects on the skin; each also has its own unique benefits. AHAs, beta hydroxy acids, and a newer form called polyhydroxy acids can also reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The trick with these acids though is not to overuse them because they could potentially irritate the skin.

Bubbles or molecules of oils and water.

CoEnzyme Q10 provides skin with collagen and elastin.

Coenzyme Q10.

CoQ10 is an enzyme naturally present in our skin. However, its levels start to decrease as we age. Almost everyone over the age of 30 does not have enough of this important enzyme in their skin. This is a problem because Coenzyme Q10 supports the body’s ability to produce collagen and elastin.

CoQ10 also acts as an antioxidant, protecting the skin and preventing free radical damage. It is an especially popular ingredient in under-eye creams and treatments, as it has been proven Coenzyme Q10 can reduce crow’s feet.

A bowl of ground up powder.

Peptides is another popular ingredients for skin’s collagen and elastin.


Peptides are building blocks of proteins. They can help preserve the levels of the most important proteins in our skin – collagen and elastin. These molecules occur naturally in living organisms. Certain peptides can stimulate collagen production and have been shown to improve skin texture and wrinkling.

Peptides improve the skin’s texture and appearance, improve the skin’s protective barrier and even have an anti-inflammatory effect. That way, peptides maintain the skin firm, supple, bouncy, and elastic. They can be pretty expensive. They are mostly included in the higher-end products. But if you can afford them, they are worth the price.

Dr Abby at Dr Abby Clinic.

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